Rohan Marley to Launch Lion Order on 4/20 in Michigan!

Rohan Marley Lion Order

Rohan Marley Lion OrderHigh Times shares that Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, will launch his Lion Order cannabis & CBD lifestyle brand on April 20th in Michigan with Heavyweight Heads:

“Lion Order represents the Lion of Judah,” Marley said. “The way of man, Strength, Power, Courage, Determination. Doing things the right way. Moving as a King or Queen, moving with dignity, self-respect and wanting to be a part of a movement and a lifestyle. It’s a way of life and how one should live.”

Marley continued, “Lion Order is a way for us to unite as a people, whether it’s with cannabis, water, psilocybin, coffee or food. We want to get together around a table, all different ethnicities, different religions, nations and have a real talk about life and love.”

…Partnering with Michigan’s Cannabis Cup award-winning cultivator Heavyweight Heads, the brand will launch on April 20 with its own Lion Order IP strains. Heavyweight Head’s strain Orangutan, for instance, won 1st Place for Best Recreational Sativa Flower at the High Times’ Michigan 2021 Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Edition.

Marley will announce his complete product rollout in Michigan and other territories where Lion Order product will be sold this coming 4/20, the universal cannabis holiday of April 20.

Read more in High Times. You can get info about the 4/20 Afterparty on our calendar and get more information about Lion Order on their website.