Lemonati Family Farms Defiance series

Lemonati Family Farms Defiance Packs

Lemonati Family Farms Defiance PacksLemonati Family Farms continues towards their goal of being “the dopest cannabis company in all the land” & bringing the finest and most unique strains, packaging, and products to the people of Michigan with their new cannabis series, Defiance:

The Defiance! series aims to bring attention to cannabis prisoners spending de facto life-in-prison for nonviolent cannabis offenses. $1 of each unit sold will be donated to Freedom Grow, a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to helping cannabis prisoners regain freedom; it also uses funds to support them during incarceration by providing commissary money, prison outreach, and public education.

Defiance! hopes to create a connection with the Michigan cannabis consumer through the packaging in two ways. First, it highlights positions within the cannabis industry that have proven historically dangerous and irreparably life changing. Whether as a caregiver, patient, grower, or a plug, many have found themselves facing 20-40 years or more in prison for actions now considered legal in more than a dozen states. The packaging is also intended to create a sense of nostalgia for our customers, providing an opportunity to be transported to an era when the milk carton was more than just a milk carton. Whether it was a missing-persons poster or an advertisement, many of us can remember a time when we read more than just nutritional facts on dairy packaging.

“Freedom Grow is thrilled to announce our relationship with Lemonati Family Farms. We are grateful for their compassion, kindness, generosity, and willingness to pay it forward. It is a blessing to the many families still suffering from this failed War on Drugs.” says Randy Lanier, Vice President freedomgrow.org.

The initial four strains are “The Caregiver” (Strawberry Shortcake (wokkiee x wifi), “The Grower” (Zkittles X Wedding Cake), “The Patient” (Wedding Cake x Gelato #33), and “The Plug” (Sophisticated Punch X Candy Rain). Each of the labels have a QR code that will take you to a Linktree where you can read stories of the cannabis prisoners you will be assisting with your purchase. It also provides a link to the full test results of the strains.

Defiance! will be available soon at retailers across the state & you can learn more about it & Lemonati Family Farms on their website!