Michigan bill would allow vets to consult about CBD for pets

Marijuana Chihuahua Dog by Chris Yarzab

NOTE: The MCT definitely advises consulting with a veterinarian if you plan to administer cannabis or CBD to a pet as incorrect dosage or practices can harm your pet!!

Vet Candy shares news of House Bill 5085 that would update state law to allow veterinarians to consult with animal owners on the use of cannabis or CBD oil for the pet:

State Rep. Greg Markkanen today lead the Michigan House in approving a measure that would allow veterinarians to consult with pet owners in Michigan about the use of products containing CBD oil and THC for their animals.

Markkanen, of Houghton, said he introduced the plan to solve a problem brought to light by an Upper Peninsula veterinarian.

“We must make sure our veterinarians are able to have open and honest conversations with people about using products containing CBD oil and marijuana to care for their pets,” Markkanen said. “Some research has shown such products can help dogs and cats cope with pain, anxiety and epilepsy. It’s important that animal owners in Michigan are able to discuss the options with the vets who are familiar with their pets, instead of being forced to rely on the internet.”

Dr. Kellie Holmstrom, who operates an animal clinic in Marquette, testified before the House Agriculture Committee in January about challenges she has faced. She said clients often have questions about the use of products containing CBD oil and THC for their pets but offering advice about the products is a legal grey area for veterinarians.

The bill now heads to the Senate and you can read more from Vet Candy.

photo courtesy Chris Yarzab via Flickr