Next Qulture Club Tea Party explores cannabis & CBD for female issues

Qulture Club High Tea

Qulture Club High TeaEvery month Anqunette Sarfoh of Qulture holds “tea parties” to help people understand cannabinoids and medical marijuana better. This month (Wednesday May 26th starting at 7 PM) they’re going below the belt and talking about how to use cannabis to treat conditions such as painful periods, uncomfortable sex (and not being in the mood) menopause, fibroids and other gynecological issues.

Anqunette will be joined by Cathleen Graham of to explore how to use CBD and other cannabis products to feel better during that time of the month and beyond. And as always, if you don’t know a bowl from a blunt, they’re here to answer any question you may have about how to use cannabis. And if you’re ready to light up or indulge in an edible, you can grab a Qulture Kit filled with cannabis goodies at any of the locations at the link below.

You can learn more about Qulture & register for the event and also be sure to check out what Cathleen & company are doing at Cannabis Nurse!