Iliad Epic Grow cannabis cultivation launches in Lansing

Illiad Epic Grow - Michigan Grown Cannabis

NEWS RELEASE BY ILLIAD EPIC GROW: There is a new cultivator in town poised to supply premium cannabis to the burgeoning Michigan market. Iliad Epic Grow has announced the launch of its Lansing, Michigan based medical and adult-use premium cannabis cultivation company, which is licensed to provide fully packaged product throughout the state.

Their upcoming November harvest is expected to include over twelve premium cannabis strains. “Everything feels right about Michigan,” says Iliad Epic Grow CEO and founder, Rich Ruzich, a pharmaceutical industry expert, patent attorney, and former naval officer, “and we can’t wait to start servicing Michigan provisioners and adult-use retailers with what we feel will be the highest quality most affect-exact cannabis in Michigan.” Mr. Ruzich’s enthusiasm seems to be for good reason.

The Marijuana Policy Project reports Michigan has among the highest per- capita medical marijuana patients in the country (with 260,000 patients), as well as one of the fastest-growing adult-use markets expected to quickly reach $1.5 billion. And the demand for cannabis in Michigan is far-and-away outpacing its supply. Iliad Epic Grow looks to thrive within this Michigan boom, and is already eying expansion. The company has plans to triple its cultivating capacity in 2021 and broaden its product offering from premium cannabis ‘flower’ into other innovative products, including unique edibles which Mr. Ruzich describes as ‘disruptive.’ They will cultivate and package all products within their Lansing facility.

As for the timing of the launch, given the unprecedented fallout from COVID- 19 and its impact on the economy, Mr. Ruzich is again optimistic, ‘Cannabis is about wellness, healing and making people’s lives better, we will invest here, we will make a positive impact and help our Michigan community.’ The company’s name was inspired by Homer’s ancient poem depicting events in long-ago far-away Troy. For Iliad Epic Grow the journey begins in the here-and-now and from Lansing, Michigan. Iliad Epic Grow is a fully-licensed medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation company that supports provisioning centers, adult-use retailers, cultivators, and processing facilities. Their focus is on cultivating the highest quality premium cannabis and making people’s lives better.

photo via Illiad Epic Grow Instagram