How to get a Marijuana Microbusiness License in Michigan

Michigan Marijuana Microbusiness Map

Michigan Marijuana Microbusiness MapThe Cannabis Legal Group has an excellent primer on how to get a Michigan marijuana microbusiness license:

In Michigan, a microbusiness license allows a person or company to:

  1. grow up to 150 cannabis plants,
  2. process cannabis into concentrates, edibles, or other infused products,
  3. package the finished products, and
  4. sell to adults who are over the age of 21.

However, a microbusiness cannot sell or transfer any products to any other adult-use establishments.

In other words, a microbusiness license allows you to operate as a vertically-integrated cannabis business that grows, processes, and sells its own cannabis at retail to adults over 21 years old-and no one else. Imagine if Founder’s Brewing Company or Bell’s Brewery-two of Michigan’s most award-winning craft breweries with an incredible catalog of popular beers to choose from-could only sell their products at one place. The consumer demand for Founder’s and Bell’s unique, high-quality craft beers would attract visitors from all across Michigan and nationwide to buy products from each company’s only location.

This is the type of business model contemplated under a microbusiness license It provides an opportunity to carve out a niche in Michigan’s cannabis industry by cultivating, processing, and selling unique strains of flower and other “craft” cannabis products straight to consumers.

Head over to the Cannabis Legal Group for all the ins and outs of applying for the license!

image via Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Marijuana Facilities Map