Detroit Calls Next for Cannatourism

Eastern Market Rooftop Hangout by Jorge Flores

Eastern Market Rooftop Hangout by Jorge FloresThe Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau says that Detroit is next in line to join a list of top Cannabis Tourism destinations in the US—which include Los Angeles, Denver, and Las Vegas:

But what makes our city a budding destination for cannabis lovers? Thanks to legalization efforts and the city’s entrepreneurial spirit, the Motor City is a driving force for new and innovative ways to consume and experience marijuana on your next visit.

…Before you walk out of a dispensary and light up your pre-roll, think about where you’re smoking! Marijuana has taken a major step into public visibility in Detroit with shops and billboards, however smoking in public is still not allowed. Luckily, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy consuming cannabis without the paranoia of trying to sneak and smoke.

Smoking at Copper House B&B

Smoking at Copper House B&B

The most common place to consume cannabis products is in a private residence. Smoking at home lets you enjoy your high in peace in a space you feel most comfortable. If you’re visiting Detroit, be sure to check the policies for short-term rentals and Airbnbs before—it varies at the discretion of the property owner. Smoking in hotels is also at the discretion of each hotel. Consider getting a hotel room with a private balcony and inquire about policies before consuming anything on the property.

A unique way to experience cannabis in Detroit is at the 420-friendly Copper House Bed & Breakfast. It’s a progressive accommodation that lets its guests enjoy smoking onsite—they even provide you with everything you need, like a copper bong and copper ashtrays! If you’re not a guest, check out one of their community events open to the public to come and mingle with other Detroit tokers!

Cannabis lounges are the newest trend soon to bud throughout the Motor City. Hot Box Social is a pioneer for the concept of a social club that allows its members to come and enjoy smoking in a private lounge atmosphere. Enjoy a solo smoke session or join one of their curated cannabis experiences with friends.

You can read on for more at & check out Detroit-area recreational dispensaries, news & events on the MCT.

photo credits TOP: Eastern Market Rooftop Hangout by Jorge Flores
BOTTOM: Smoking at Copper House by Copper House B&B