Grasshopper Farms open house draws a crowd

Here’s a news release from an event that we were fortunate enough to attend! We’re hoping to see more events like this in our cannabis calendar!

More than 180 people turned out for a recent open house and dinner at Grasshopper Farms as the farm built and operated by local Michiganders opened its doors with guided tours, networking and a call for less secrecy as the Michigan cannabis community expands.

“I don’t know that any other farm has done this, but at Grasshopper Farms we are a family and we are welcoming you into our family today,” founder and CEO Will Bowden said in welcoming the visitors. Bowden stressed the importance of education about what the cannabis industry is, and perhaps more importantly, what it is not.

“Let’s start by holding hands and helping each other in this industry that’s just exploding right now,” he said.

“Michigan is the number three market and I think we’re on track to take on number two, Colorado,” Bowden said. “Colorado, I think you’re great, but you have 5 million people and we have 10 million and we’re also a tourist destination.”

Michigan’s newest cannabis farm operates on more than 80 acres with 5,000 outdoor, sun-nourished plants tended to by a team of 100% former Michigan caregivers.

The open house event included tours and conversations with the Grasshopper Farms team. A VIP reception featured a CBD-infused 6-course dinner prepared by Chef Rodney of Deliciously Dope TV.

Those in attendance represented a range of Michigan companies and organizations, including: cannabis cultivation and extraction company 7ENGINES; Bella Sol Wellness Centers; Yuma Way; MEDfarms; Sunset Coast Provisions; Pinnacle Emporium; Michigan Supply and Provisions; Gatsby Cannabis, Green Koi, Redbud Roots and others.

A team of women from Cloud Cannabis Co. commended Grasshopper Farms for the education and outreach. “A lot of companies don’t invite people to their growth facilities and this was eye-opening to see another side of the business,” according to a Cloud spokeswoman.

Check out Grasshopper Farms on their website.