Kalamazoo’s Absurd Cannabis starting with consumption lounge to-go

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Dr David Robinson of Absurd Cannabis Experiences

Dr David Robinson of Absurd Cannabis ExperiencesmLive’s Ryan Boldrey sat down for a great interview with Dr. David Robinson to talk about his cannabis consumption lounge vision:

For now, the former pharmacist has elected a different road into the fast-growing marijuana industry. It’s one that brings Robinson to your doorstep, private party or even wedding reception with state-of-the-art smoking devices, charcuterie and mocktails.

…Robinson launched Absurd Cannabis Experience in November, and hopes the business will be the first step toward his end goal of owning and operating a consumption lounge in the greater Kalamazoo area.

“My goal is to not compete with dispensaries but complement them,” he said. “I want this to be the next step in the cannabis pipeline. There’s the growers, the processors, the packagers, the dispensaries, and then I want us to be one more consumer option.”

Robinson does not provide marijuana flower or any sort of cannabis concentrate, but on his menu of experiences, he does offer a one-hour introduction to cannabis session in which he will walk clients through their first experience with cannabis or any of the higher-end devices he rents out.

“I believe cannabis should be accessible to everyone if they are interested in it,” he said. “So, I provide a coaching session. All the client needs to do is provide the flower and I will provide any other tools they need for their first time using cannabis.

“I can also talk people through what to expect and any concerns they might have throughout the experience. I think there’s far too many people in the world who say, ‘Well, I’m curious about cannabis but I just have no idea how to do it and I’m intimidated.’ I’m here to answer any questions you might have as a resource.”

There’s lots more in this great feature. For sure check out their offerings on the Absurd Cannabis Experiences website!

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