Microdosing with Michigan-made PotDots

Microdose by PotDots

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Microdose by PotDotsKarel Vega of the Gander’s MichiGanja Report shares that after years of getting too high any time he tried cannabis, Michigan manufactured PotDots edibles are helping him reach the right level every time & get back his confidence as a stoner:

I heard about Potdots, manufactured by Lion Labs in Lansing, Michigan, in late 2022 when I started looking into the “microdose” edible market.

A microdose is just what it sounds like: products that come in a smaller dose of THC—the psychoactive compound in cannabis—than the typical 10-milligram serving to help you better achieve that “just right” high.

What excited me about Potdots is that one package option comes with 100 pieces, each containing 1 milligram of THC. Such small doses provide a lot of room for experimenting to find your perfect level. There is also a smaller tube option that includes 10 pieces.

…The presentation of the 100-piece Potdots packaging is attractive, with a bright blue dotted design that gives you an idea of what’s in store inside the bag. The package also has a resealable zipper to keep your Potdots nice and fresh.

One important note of warning: These are nearly indistinguishable from M&M’s, aside from the omission of the signature “m” printed on the candies and a slight variance in the colors. Exercise extreme caution with this product around kids.

Head over to the Gander to learn how many PotDots were perfect for Karel & check out PotDots on Instagram. More Michigan cannabis products on the MCT!

photo courtesy PotDots on Instagram (shared as an artistic expression and for educational purposes only. 21+)