Recreational Cannabis on the Boom in Southwest Michigan

Common Citizen Battle Creek

We’ve been watching the meteoric rise in the number of recreational marijuana provisioning centers in Michigan, and it turns out we’re not alone! Dana Marshall of 103.3 WKFR Kalamazoo/Battle Creek did the math & found out that the number of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo are very high:

It’s no surprise that Ann Arbor has the most recreational dispensaries in the state. The home of U of M has a long history with the hippie lettuce. But Battle Creek and Kalamazoo?

Cities with the Most Recreational Weed Dispensaries in Michigan

  • Ann Arbor – 19
  • Battle Creek – 11
  • Kalamazoo – 9
  • Bay City – 9
  • Adrian – 7

It’s important to note the drastic population difference. Battle Creek is the 32nd largest Michigan city with a little over 53,000 residents. Yet, they have the 2nd most dispensaries. Kalamazoo City is the 17th largest city with just over 76,000 residents. Just for reference, Ann Arbor is the 5th largest city in Michigan with 120,735 residents.

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photo courtesy Common Citizen Battle Creek / @commoncitizenry on Instagram