Map of Michigan Communities Rejecting Marijuana

The Detroit Free Press reports that while 139 Michigan communities have passed ordinances to allow marijuana businesses in, mostly for medical purposes, more than 400 have opted out of the marijuana marketplace and most of those communities are also rejecting growing operations.

Officials in some of the communities have said marijuana businesses simply aren’t welcome, while others want to wait until the state finalizes the rules and regulations for the market. The state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency has until Dec. 6 to set the rules and begin to accept applications for six categories of business licenses: grower, processor, testing facilities, transporters, retail shops and micro-businesses.

The micro-businesses are a new category created by the ballot proposal that voters passed on Nov. 6 to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. The micro-business consists of a small grow operation of up to 150 plants, a processing facility and retail shop, all in one place.

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