Cannabis Cafes and the Cannabis Experience Economy

Cannabis Cafe by Pariwat Pannium

Cannabis Cafe by Pariwat PanniumIn the latest Cannabis Travel Weekly on LinkedIn, Cannabis Travel Association International founder Brian Applegarth digs into the passage of Assembly Bill 374. The California bill permits cannabis retailers and micro businesses to sell non-cannabis-infused food and drink. Although cannabis lounges are allowed to serve non-infused food & drink with the approval of the health department, our position is that it’s important for Michigan lawmakers to work with the industry to create conditions for the legal enjoyment of cannabis.

California’s cannabis industry is facing significant development with the passing of Assembly Bill 374. The new bill permits cannabis retailers and micro businesses to sell non-cannabis-infused food and drinks. Additionally, they can host live performances…could become a significant draw for cannabis tourism for those interested in exploring California’s cannabis culture….these places are typically seen as places to gather socially, with music, entertainment, and the possibility to purchase and consume non-cannabis-related items such as food and drinks…the bill limits food and beverages to those that are non-cannabis-infused. In addition, live performances are a great way to improve customers’ overall experience.

Bill 374 uplifts modern day cannabis travel and tourism in California. There are approximately 30 cannabis consumption spaces/lounges throughout the state of California at the moment. Some are travel worthy, many are not – but this development would enable (and even push) lounge operators to evolve their unique cannabis shop and lounge experience for customers, migrating toward what Amsterdam has offered for decades. Actually, to truly match what Amsterdam has been offering for decades, enjoying a fresh draft of Heineken beer along with some White Widow or Maui Wowie would need to exist.

You can read more including a link to the bill in the Cannabis Travel Weekly on LinkedIn. More about cannabis lounges on the MCT.

photo: Cannabis Cafe by Pariwat Pannium